faq (how to use system)

how to use the system?

In reality, this system is as simple as getting a link which interests someone or groups of people and automatically converting it into another link that will be the domain name (www.shorterall.com) but followed by other characters.

instructions for you to get your first monetized link:

1-create account for it you will be asked for email and password (remember it) you will also have to choose a username

2-You must enter with your credentials (password, etc) and once inside you must copy the link you need to monetize and clicking on "New Shorten Link" paste and again click on shorten

3-Now that new link will have to see its visitors and each one will earn money


How many completed shortlinks per day from the same IP are monetized? 

3 times


when will i receive my money ?

at most 3 days (users normally receive the same day)

$ 0.15 btc ??? (coinbase)

The reason is that I am a miner although I only have a powerful and efficient computer
due to the previous reason in the future we will have to raise the minimum
and charge fees

What is not allowed?

see here   (monetize systems like sorterall and bot)

What are the payment methods?
paypal $ 3 / btc coinbase $ 0.15 / direct btc $ 1 / payeer 0.03 usd (rubles)